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There’s no place like home, and to maintain its sanctity, you need to ensure that its security is in top condition. With instances of burglary being reported every other day, it’s high time, property owners took a stand against such threats by revamping their security strategy. You might think that the conventional padlock barring entry into your premises for years now, will continue to do so for years to come. Criminals are getting smarter, which means that they’ve improvised on their techniques used to gain unauthorized access. What worked a few years ago, might not protect you against modern-day security threats. That’s where we come in – your residential locksmiths! We’ll guide you at every step of the way and reinstate your sense of complete security.

At Colorado Springs 24 Hour Locksmith , we put our customers above everything else. While the need for quality lock & key services is on an all-time high, there is also an equal need for services that are light on pockets. We combined quality with affordability to ensure that the residents of Colorado Springs, CO area derive the maximum benefit.


Home security consultation:

Worried that your security framework isn’t robust enough? Let our experts take a look! After a complete assessment, the security level is adjudged. If found lacking, we’ll suggest and implement measures that will secure your space from external security threats. From installing new locks to updating the door/window hardware, we do it all!

Lockout assistance:

Lost keys or damaged locks, can rob you of access to your home. During such times, instead of adopting drastic measures such as breaking down the door or the lock, make the smart choice – avail professional help. We can unlock just about any lock with little to no damage, thus, allowing you access in the most efficient manner.

Rekeying of locks :

Moved to a new property? Have you handed out your keys to someone and lost track of them? If so, we can help restore key control by rekeying your locks. The process involves changing the internal pins of the lock so that it is operated by a new key. Any of the old keys to the lock still in circulation will be rendered useless by this process.

New locks installation:

With evolving times, newer and better locks are being introduced in the market. Refusing to embrace change can cost you heavily. Our new locks installation service enables you to experience the heightened security benefits offered by modern lock systems. From upgrades for the locks on your mailbox to that on your garage door, we help secure your space in the best possible manner.

Other services we provide:

  • Colorado Springs 24 Hour Locksmith, Colorado Springs, CO 719-244-9902Lock repair/maintenance
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Emergency door unlock
  • Advanced lock installation
  • Padlocks, deadbolts
  • Keyless entry systems for homes
  • Master key system setup
  • Garage door lock installation
  • Door repairs/installation
  • Key cutting service
  • Chain locks
  • Broken key extraction from locks
  • Peephole installation
  • Recommendations on lock selection
  • Spare keys made

And more

Are you looking for a locksmith who will tend to your home lock & key needs? You’ve found it! We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year and provide quick and affordable solutions. Call us today!

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